Contacting Departure

Hi Guys.

I have recently come back to infinite flight after a break and was wondering do I wait until Tower tells me to change to departure frequency or do I request it. Then after I’m on the frequency can I immediately request flight following or do I have to check in??

Any help appreciated

  • Jamie

If flying on expert server with tower control, upon departure the controller will hand you off to departure frequency. No need to request for a frequency change.

For the second part, Flight following and check in can be used interchangeably on departure, however it is preferred that you check in rather than using FF when flying in a commercial aircraft. FF is used for VFR flying.


Adding on to @Moosehead08’s excellent explanation, please do not check in and then request something else immediately afterwards. If you want RV, request that. If you want to follow your FPL, check in as mentioned above. No need to combine them. :)


Thanks for the help guys. I’m sure the controllers will be thanking you to 😂

  • Jamie
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As soon as I’m airborne, I contact departure. I first check in and if he asks for intentions I request flight following

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