Contacting controller on Ghost [Poll]

How many people reply needed to a post regarding Ghost?

It takes _____ to say “Contact controller, Controller will pm you”.

  • 1 Mod, IFC member
  • 3 Mod, IFC members
  • Infinite numbers
  • Expert server needs to be shutdown
  • No A350 before this solved

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One correct response is needed. End of story.

(However it is preferable that the poster simply PM the controller, rather than create a topic)


We don’t need 5 different people saying essentially the same thing, but just a different sentence structure.

A simple: “@Blank was your controller. Go PM him/her.” would suffice :)


What??? Made no sense

I have screen shot people said exact same thing…it’s hilarious sometimes

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All you have to do is to PM the controller who ghosted you. You do not have to create a separate topic in regards of ghosting unless really necessary.

Have you tried to PM the controller?

No, I haven’t had issue. It was someone else post ;)

@GatwickGuy my question is how long will it take for the pilot to look at the replay and see what he did wrong instead of making a post here.

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What did I just vote on?

I know what you saying but with lack of atc knowledge most pilot thinks they are in the right.

you mean lack of knowledge on ATC side?

You got me wrong pilot side. Thats the main cause of ghost

wait now I am confused. Lack of knowledge from the pilot or atc side? @GatwickGuy

I think you need to slow down bit :)

what do you mean?

Correct answer: 0

The OP “did nothing wrong” 😜


I said…they make post becos the pilot think he always right. Due to lack of atc knowledge. For the post you said they should look at the log. Understand now?

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Oh sorry I am out of it today lol

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what is OP?