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I am currently flying through Albuquerque airspace which has an active center controller I would like to contact them but when I tap on the information tap the option to Tune is grayed out and doesn’t let me click on it to tune to them.

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You must be within 270NM of the airport that their center frequency is based at.

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Check how far you are from the airport KOLS. That’s where Albuquerque Center is emitting from and where the 270NM originates.

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Ok I am not within 270nm of KOLS, thank you for answering my question.

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No problem! For future reference - if you tap on the FIR and press the green message (in your case it says ALBUQUERQUE - FIR (1 ATC)), it will tell you which airport the frequency is emitting from - here, it says “DeerCrusher at KOLS”.


Ah, thank you.

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