Contacting ATIS After Controller Change

For this example, I’m going to assume that the only active frequency is Approach. If Tower comes online and activates ATIS, what would be the procedure for tuning into ATIS? Would I request frequency change, listen to ATIS and then tune back into Approach? Any help would be appreciated.

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If I was in a busy airspace, instead of clogging up the ATC with requests, I would switch to ATIS and wait for the message to appear, and switch immediately back to approach and read it, not listening to the automated voice speak it.

Not fully sure if this is the correct way to do this though…

So you don’t need to wait for the ATIS to be read out? You just need to be able to see the message?

I mean , that way, you spend very little time off frequency (to prevent missing an instruction by ATC)

There is no need to check atis as atis is only important for initial contact with ground/radar and for pattern work for tower

The proper procedure is to just stay with approach, they are communicating with the new tower and ATIS via the IFATC slack and they will set you up an guide you in, please do not switch to get the ATIS! It messes up us approach controllers when we have to figure out if someone disappeared or just switched frequencies or is just flying through the airspace with an absolute disregard for the ATC present.

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Okay, will do. Thanks @IF787 @Raidon23 @Aceorbit for your help.

To add to @Aceorbit - don’t switch off approach if you’re already on.

If you’re on the ground, and there is an ATIS update or a if a controller comes online and activated ATIS. Go ahead and tune in and get the updated info. Often times it can change or provide other important information like straight out departures only, no pattern work, possible runway changes, updated wind info, etc. (I personally tune in and out quickly and just read it. But if you want to listen to the whole thing… go for it)


Okay, thanks for letting me know

As we know, the sim is not the real world. But this is one of those instances where the real world application does transfer to the sim (assuming you’re on the ground or if a new tower controller comes on-line). In the real world - you would be required to get the new ATIS info (in most cases). And if you tune to ground without the current info, you’ll certainly be told to get the new info.

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