Contacting ATC

since the update there are some problems with contacting ATC. In my experience it helps to disconnect WiFi for a few seconds. If this also doesn’t help change your callsign to NORDO so ATC knows that you can’t contact him.
Mods feel free to close it when this is already existing.
Merry Christmas to y’all.

This is already existing, it’s mentioned in the support FAQ

This is generally a tricky one and often traces back to a spotty connection. If this should happen to you, one thing that could help is to put your device to “Flight mode” for about 30 seconds so that the connection to our Live servers is reestablished. If that doesn’t help, please depart the airspace and divert to another airport. This is to avoid interference with other traffic in the area.

If you however should be reported due to this, the controller have most likely used “Unable to communicate - Contact Moderator” as the reason. The best course of action then is to do just that, contact a moderator.

It is also strongly recommend to take screenshots during these incidents to the best of your ability.

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Okay you can close it then🙂