Contacting atc

I have a question so I spawned in to SFO on the training server and immediately the tower told me to contact them I hadn’t filed a flight plan so I didn’t contact them
My question is should I contact them when they tell me to or is it optional?

Well first off the first thing you should do is to tune into ground. But since this is on training server the tower could be trolling you. You should contact tower when you’re nearing the runway for take-off.

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What I usually do is contact them for a second and go back to ground

Stay on ground, then change to tower when nearing the runway. But don’t ask ground for a frequency change because when ground tells you to taxi they say, “taxi to runway XX, contact tower when ready.”

Aha! May I hitch a ride, so as not to create a new thread? Because I have the same question albeit a bit different: When my engines are off, all lights are off, just like a plane in cold and dark state in a real life airport, I might be deciding my fuel-cargo ratio, listening to ATIS or even refining my flightplan. Suddenly tower says “You’re in an active airport, please state your intentions” - which always drive me to panic, should I be responding? Or is there a time limit for parking after spawning? Thanks in advance.

Tower shouldn’t bother with you at a gate. Ignore them


Learning new things everyday :) thanks!

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