Contacting ATC while en route

I’m having issues contacting ATC when flying in an airspace, it doesn’t show on my radio tab, and when i select the airport from my NAV screen it wont connect or allow me to connect. The tower will contact me and ask my intentions and im just trying to proceed with my route but I cant tell them that so i end up getting reported since everyone goes offline, im stuck to flying on the casual server until i get it figured out. I’ve used multiple i Pads and re-downloaded a few times and still get the issue, and idea what I am missing?

Tower airspace ranges from 25NM and at or below 10,000 feet when approach isn’t active.

Approach airspace ranges from 50NM and at or below 18,000 feet.

If you are within these ranges, try turning on airplane mode for a second and then turning off as this sometimes helps the frequencies appear.

I’m guessing you’ve already tried selecting the active (green) airport and tuning in directly from the map?


Thanks, that is helpful knowing the ranges. Usually I’m at or above 30,000 just passing by an airport, and that’s the weird thing, airport shows green but I can’t connect to the radio. I just worry on long haul flights I will eventually come across a tower. So do I not need to contact the tower if I’m just flying over?

If you are just flying over a controlled airport above 18,000 feet there is no need to contact ATC. Controllers can also see your flight plan… so definitely not anything to worry about in the long haul flight situation written in the last post.


What server is this on? TS controllers don’t have the ability to ghost you and IFATC on ES wouldn’t ghost someone flying straight through their airspace at FL300.

IFATC won’t ghost you unless you’re causing trouble in their airspace. A control tower owns airspace up to 5,000’ above the airport. An approach/departure facility owns up to 18,000’ above the airport. Flying at FL300 no controller should contact you especially if your flight plan is for another airport.