Contacting ATC when Landing

Hello. Lets see if someone can help me.

I’m approaching my destination, Approach frequency is open. So I contact them requesting approach to any runway. I receive vectors and once I’m established on the localizer I contact Tower frequency.

I called my inbound for landing. ATC answers “Please check tutorials on the forum for assistance using ATC instruction”… Why?

I did another flight, same procedure but this I reported my location first: ¨ on final runway …¨ And again “Please check tutorials on the forum for assistance using ATC instruction”

I´ve checked plenty of tutorials, even the Youtube ones and they always call inbound. Am I wrong? Is the ATC wrong? I just feel so uncomfortable getting that message hahaha

Thanks for the help!

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Check this out

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Take a look here. I think that you picked the wrong command, when you are allowed to take the ILS at Approach say that to tower as well. Not ‘requesting runway’ when at tower.

Never report ‘On Final’ when you’re doing a full stop

This should be good, when you’re doing an ILS approach, report inbound on ILS.
When you have vectors, report inbound for landing.

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Ohh okay okay, got it! Thanks for the help guys! Learn something new everyday!


when you call inbound any rwys to approach, he told you what to expect, ILS / GPS or VISUAL, and when you are stabilized you should call inbound on ILS / GPS and if you have the visual of the airport you report airport inside for the approach and wait he gives you the clearence.

but for what you are reporting and as I have seen people doing this, then I ask you, after being sent to tower you call inbound for landing or ILS / GPS / VISUAL, because if this is what you do, then they are right to send you to check the IFC help page.
just to remind you, you just call inbound for landing with tower when you have no APPX or received no vector, so the tower gives you a pattern entry, I hope you will analyze if there was not this small mistake on your part, and if the answer no, the next time this happens to you, you can get the controler’s name and ask why he told you to check the help page, remember a good pilot always learns, have a good flight.


Just say (Callsign) is on final runway (Number)

BadResponse! 😂

When you’ve been handed over to tower from approach, never just report your position.

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What I do is I request ILS approach for a runway and Approach gives it to me, then gives me vectoring instructions for a bit, then tells me for e.g HY-P3D, descend and maintain 3,000, Maintain 3,000 until established on the localiser, cleared ILS runway approach Then they tell me to switch to tower and in cockpit there is a setting near the bottom right which e.g says ILS 27L EGLL, when I’m cleared for approach, I press it and it should be ILS 27L EGLL* with that Asterix, and then I switch to tower and say I’m inbound on ILS and they can see ILS on my plane because i selected it, But yea that’s normally what I do

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