Attempting to contact approach flying to RPLL a few mins ago and approach kept asking I contact various frequencies that were not showing on my radio. I left the flight because I figured I would get ghosted. Has this happened to anyone else?

When this happens, go into the map and click on the airport info. The frequencies will show up there


I would restart IF and restart your internet router

This happens due to connection issues most of the time

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Well i learnt you can hold the headset symbol to change frequency the controller asked you to


@TransportForLife That’s good info. Thank you.

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@BennyBoy_Alpha Will do. Thanks.


@Brad thanks for that.


This issue can be resolved without ending your flight. First, turn on airplane mode. This will disconnect you from the live server and global server. Wait until these connections are red. Then, reactivate your WiFi connection. The frequencies should show up.

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Exact same happened to me, except I got ghosted

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