"Contact Tower When Ready" (Expert Talk)

Hi guys, I had a quick question for you controllers about the meaning of the titled phrase above in a particular situation. Yesterday I spawned into PHOG in a C208 at the cargo ramp. As usual I contacted ground once I had filed my flight plan and was ready to taxi. Ground control then gave me my taxi instruction which of course ends with “Taxi runway xx Contact Tower when Ready”. I made the short taxi to the runway where I started to make the final checks and adjustments before departure. Mind you there was no queue behind me (maybe a aircraft on pushback) and only one noticeable inbound on probably a 9-10 mile final. While preparing myself and the plane, which only took 15-20 second at the very most, the controller hits me with the “Say Intentions” command. I thought the point was for me to contact them “When Ready”. I could understand if the airport was busy but it was far from that and the didn’t seem to be any reason to need to expedite the situation. In this situation wouldn’t it be okay for you to make sure you and the plane are properly prepared? I would ask the controller directly but I don’t remember his/her name and it isn’t really a big deal. I just want to spark some conversation! Thanks guys :)

You shouldn’t be getting a say intentions there… “Contact tower when ready” really means “Contact tower when ready for departure”

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Did you get “Say intentions.” from tower or from ground?


The command was from the tower.

@Chad_Garnett… Sounds like a TS-1 incident. If so chalk it up. Just restate intentions and fly the dang plane. Max

(If it’s Exp Server PM Joe with the name rank and serial number of the incompetent after you say intention again and then fly the dang plane)


I don’t trouble myself with the mediocre service of trainees lol. Just wanted to know if I was misunderstanding the meaning.

Edit: Well I do if they specifically say they’re training on the forum, then I give them the benefit of the doubt. However this was an Expert Server affair.

Chad you’ve been here since July 15! If you don’t know the drill by now PM me I’ll splain it to ya. Max

It was on the expert server…


Pilot & controller have sorted it out :)