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Last night, I was flying to EGLL attempting to land at RWY27L. I was passing just below EGLC when I was told to contact EGLC. I did and immediately asked to change frequency so that I can give my intentions to EGLL who had also asked me to contact tower. EGLC asked me what my intentions were so I asked again to request a frequency change. I was told to avoid sending duplicate messages.

How do I tell one tower that my intention is to land at another airport? wouldnt they be able to see my flightplan and see where I am trying to land, if I have it filed?


This happened yesterday…

They shoud have read your flight plans.


i think this is an instance where there should be a command like “attempting to land at another airport, request frequency change”
I think it would be very helpful

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Expert server or training server?

There shoul be a option to talk to tower directly via mic

If your flying over EGLC at or below 5,000 ft you need to ask for a transition thru the airspace. If you were above 5,000 feet they shouldn’t have been trying to reach you.

expert, @SkyHighGuys was the ATC at EGLC

and I am pretty sure I was just above 5k

Flight plans are great but there is still a procedure to follow when doing this.

What’s just above? 5100 ft and descending?

i may have not noticed but is there a request transition command? and I was at about 6,000ft 180kts airspeed

There is a request transition command. Anytime your flying thru another airspace you need to use it. If you have the controller information send it to me in PM.

Mark put together a great tutorial on them.

Hope that helps :)


it does thanks

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Thanks guys to all who helped. I was the controller as @Alan_Perez mentioned. I’m working with him right now

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