Contact the ATC

Guys…i’m little bit confused how to contact Tower where Approach is not available. Should we call “in bound” Or “report position”?
When I call " In bound " I got replied " Please check forum… " Many times.
Then next times I’m reporting position then ATC replied “say intentions”.

When you are inbound to an airport and approach is not open you request in an inbound for landing. Reporting position is not necessary but only necessary when on unicom


When there’s no approach, you call inbound, but not on the ILS/VIS. just “send” or specific RW.

That shouldn’t happen.

What altitude and distance are you calling in it @Uan

When the is no approach, you listen to the ATIS frequency and call inbound. Tower will give you instructions whether to make a left or right traffic or a straight in approach.


When your first contact is tower you call inbound. When its approach your only inbound on the ILS/VIS if cleared by an approach.


If you have Instagram they have a post about that which i recommend you looking at.

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I think we’ve established this - however the OP’s qn is that when he calls inbound with no APP frequency he gets a “check forums” message.

@Uan what distance and altitude are you calling into tower at because if you are calling too high and/or too far from the airport, IFATC can issue a “check forums” message.

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If the op does that then they must be calling inbound on the ILS/VIS/GPS as there is not really any other reason for tower to say that




When you contact ATC you should call inbound first
After calling inbound you’ll get a pattern entry, Left, Right or Straight in the runway you’re assigned to. Then you fly the pattern you’re assigned to until you’re cleared to land by tower.

The line should look like this:
Call inbound -> Pattern entry -> Clearance -> Exit runway

If you’re too far out or too high (around 35nm out or over 12000 feet) you’ll get a “Continue inbound” command. Then you fly towards the airport until further instructions.

When there is no radar or approach you should also never use “Inbound on the ILS” or “Inbound on the Visual”

Hope that helps


Finally! Someone is finally reaching out about this! With all of the new pilots joining our sim lately, I’ve noticed a number of people calling in or Tower incorrectly. I give you major credit for reaching out to the community to ask questions and to learn! When you are flying and there is now tower. You simply call inbound. When there is approach active, and you are cleared for an approach, you call inbound, and then select what type of approach you’ve been cleared for. Report position is only to tell tower where you are in the pattern, and should not be used as a first communication to ATC. Thank you, for making this post, and trying to learn. We really appreciate that, and learning together is what makes this community such a great place.😁

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Exactly what I do… But many times ATC replying "please check forum… ".

Well there must be something wrong as ATC should just say that command. Next time you receive it maybe message the controller and ask why as they are the only person who can tell you.

When the airport is busy i’ll call “in bound” Earlier to give tower to manage traffic. About 12 NM below 5000f asl.

I have, i’ll check it. Thanks

Typical you call inbound 25mm out at at or below 10000ft

Could be too far or too high…i never contact the ATC above 5000 feet.

Got it, thank a lot

Mostly I call inbound, but then the ATC replying with "check forum… ". It’s confusing me… So I bring this to forum to have a proper guide lines.