Contact me please.

Can this person please contact me. Thank you

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Not everyone who’s on live is also on the community you know, the person probably isn’t here :)

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@Marius maybe?


its worth a shot. I’m just looking around to find this person. if they aren’t here its no problem


What server was this on?

Expert. they did nothing bad

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Ahhh ok they will have a forum account if it’s a expert atc

I’m not sure if there an atc or not but I saw this person flying around and would like to contact me

Ohhh sorry I thought this was a atc they might not have a community account

haha yeah and if not its all good. worth a try though

Hi, Marius here.
How can I help? 😊


Hey Marius, will you pm me plz?

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Just did. 🙌🏻

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