Contact Ground While In The Air?

Hello, IFC,

I was just flying a short cargo hop from London Stansted to London Heathrow.

Shortly after announcing takeoff from the unicom, I rolled off the runway and blasted into the skies. Shortly after that, I contacted EGLL approach and they gave me vectors. I obeyed, but they made made me fly close to Stansted again. At that time, while 8,000 feet above the airport area, I got multiple messages asking me to contact ground. At 7,900+ feet. Ground. Warning messages.

I would have contacted them really quick for them to not bother me again, but I couldn’t, since I was flying.

I was about to get in trouble for not tuning to a frequency I couldn’t contact!

This being on training, this is very unusual behavior, so since I didn’t want a report, I took a screenshot for y’all and left.

The thing is, I would have liked to finish my flight.

So… what do I do?


An unexperienced ATC user on TS repetitively asked me to contact ground while I was in the air, so I was unable to do it.

Please help me understand this issue and help me act better next time!

I put this in support, but should it be in #live?

Thank You!


As this was on TS there is nothing really to do.


One word.

Training server.

Also I don’t care that it is 2 words. In my mind it is 1. 😂


So there is NOTHING I could have done?

visible confusion

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Nope, if this was on expert, which would never happen, you can contact the controllers.

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Well not really, no. Just another annoying controller that you can’t do much about. That’s why Expert Server is where you should trust the controllers.

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Training server is where people learn, nothing you can do.


Oh well… 😔

Thanks anyways :)

Fly on expert instead.

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Well hehe…

I just might have gotten speed vios

maybe I got a whole bunch

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You gotta watch your speed!! 😂😂😂


Going on about the controller is like going on about your engines, you can complain about their power and output, but not maintain a stable control yourself :)

Maybe the ground controller got given a pair of ultra zoom binoculars.


Maybe he thought he was tower. And just didn’t see or hear where it says that you are ground 😂😂😂

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@Robertine Most TS controllers cant even report you. If they’re giving out bogus commands, I just ignore them. It’s sad, but it’s what you have to do sometimes.


They are learning too. Just go with the flow and continue your flight.