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When I want to descend via the arrival point I have chosen, I know that I must request authorization to descend:

but if I am too far from the airport and I cannot receive its frequency, what should I do?

It’s fine actually as long as you check in later and say your approach request when asked by the respective controller.

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Thank you but I didn’t understand your message.

Well I meant this, yes it’s necessary to announce your descent via star but if there’s no one or the frequency is not in range then it’s fine to descend without the repercussion of getting a violation (because no one’s on frequency)

Here’s a trick:
If you’re too far and have no frequency in ATC window then go to your map, tap within the FIR boundary and it’ll let you to tune in earlier 😉

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IF there is radar controller at your cruising altitude, then check in for radar contact and that should pretty much be it until your top of descent.

Right before your top of descent, request the descent via your STAR. You do not need to have the airport (tower’s) frequency since you are not in their airspace.

If there are no radar controllers (center, approach) you don’t need to tune into airport/tower frequency until at least 10,000 feet or so. Without radar controllers you won’t even have an option to ask for clearance to descend.

Edit: If your top of descent is in a FIR/center with no frequency, technically you’re free to descend at your discretion and then if you transition into a new FIR/center airspace where there is a radar controller, you have to check in as you descend. They should allow you to continue as filed, otherwise they’ll give you radar vectors if it is busy.

Okay thank you!👍

Great reference here as well!

Im less worried about unicom, more about your pitch…SEVEN THOUSAND FEET PER MINUTE…IN A A320?


Please don’t do this. If you’re outside of the boundary, you are not within our airspace. We are not, and will not, be responsible for you. Don’t make yourself a responsibility by inserting yourself where you shouldn’t be. Most controllers will tell you to leave the frequency anyway.


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That’s meters so more like 23000 lol

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