Contact ATC (ghosted)

I got ghosted today for flying with an F-22 over 10,000 exccesivly and the ATC then was [@Ethan-H] any idea why its illegal to fly faster over 10,000ft? (And I wasn’t harming anyone!)

Contact @Ethan_Hansen via PM


I’ve seen arrivals on approach around FL150 during events and busy airports. There’s a chance you were interfering with approach traffic?

Hopefully this helps as well for future reference. 🙂


Thanks will contact him

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Well if only there would be a better tutorial on this would help us pilots alot better. Specifically on the ATC schedule should be a link so for new expert server players dont get ghosted every 5 min.

It’s called expert server for a reason. Anyways, good luck on getting it resolved! 😊

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I was on departure frequency and climbing out to fl370 and I was way out of the congestion traffic

The rest of this should be handled via PM with the controller. No need for further discussion here.


Well true but reading this may help others in the course learning from mistakes😊


How fast were you flying?

I’m not gonna lie! I was doing over 500kt but again it was departure frequency and above 15,000ft and out of congestion traffic

P.s I’ve read now the link you’ve sent me it dosnt state anything about my wrong doing!

Hope this helps 😁

How fast were you actually going, I have gotten ghosted before for going around 230 on final with an f18

Instructions, sequence, and traffic volume should always dictate your speed and cause increased awareness of your surroundings.

Controllers are authorized and will ghost pilots flying at excessive speeds in a controlled ATC environment. This may be the result of not maintaining your assigned sequence, disrupting others, or requiring unreasonable instruction due to your excessive speeds (Ex. Requesting ILS approach at 850kts).

I wasn’t requesting ILS or interfering with others, "I was on departure 15,000 about 30kt miles out with no traffic near me. I asked him prior "request to climb fl370 he replied "altitude at your discretion. So that’s when I took off and start flying above 300kt

P.s I really think IF should have placed an option of pilots being able to request speed change!

The rules are the rules, Please continue discussion with the IFATC member who ghosted you via PM. Thanks and happy landing


Ask Ethan about the report and be Polite, hes a nice guy:)

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Thanks alot😊

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