Contact Approach or Center?

So if there’s centre and approach available at an airport, would you contact approach or centre?

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Depends on where you are relevant to the airport, and altitude.


This may be helpful -


If you are just airborne and there is no Tower Controller you would first contact Approach. That Controller would hand you off to Center, as Center operates aircrafts above 18 000 feet


Ok so any traffic above FL180 belongs to centre and traffic below that is Approach or Departure. Ok thanks guys👍👍👍

Not necessarily it handles aircraft enroute is a better explanation.


Center isn’t for an airport, but controls all airspace above FL180 and alot below it. If you aren’t approaching the airport, don’t contact approach but contact center


And it’s an absolute mess for a busy region. Center could be an excellent station for one to use to practice vectoring, altitudes etc. Unfortunately when Center goes online it seems like every pilot not already working with another controller jumps on the frequency and starts chatting away. It turns into a circus very quickly but it’s always been evident that the job of Center isn’t understood by the majority, particularly on TS1.


Except for that amazing singapore FNF with center, approach, and departure for WMKK and WSSS run by @MannyG and @Solocup. When used properly it is an extremely effective tool and can cut down the workload for all stations heavily

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I wasn’t present for that, but I sure wish that I was. I’ll be PM’ing those individuals so that I can learn a thing or two from them.

If centre goes offline while you’re on centre, would you contact Approach or just leave it?

Center I find them more helpful

That doesn’t make any sense. It’s not what you find useful, it’s the rules

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When you depart from an airport, ie, when you’re airborne, the tower hands you off to Departure control. Once you’re done with necessary requests and clearances, departure hands you off to Center (which keeps changing during intercontinental, long domestic and international flights) and takes care of you throughout your cruise. Once you’re ready to descend (that’s what I think), Center hands you over to Approach which then establishes you on localizer and clears you for approach. Now, you’re handed over to tower for further clearances.
Please correct me if I’m wrong at any point, I’m always open to learning new things!

Hello everyone, I would like to know, if it is possible for one of the ATC to come to evaluate me on a practical test of ATC?

Ehm you might want to make a PM for that bud. If you’re asking IFATC to evaluate you might want to check this link before you do that

I do not ask to be part of IFATC but just to know if one of the ATC can take the time to evaluate my skills

And thanks to his report I could know if I have the level or not like that it helped me to improve.

If you want specific feedback from an ATC, then I suggest these guys:

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