Constellations in night time flying?

So I’m doing a Thanksgiving break flight from CLT, all the way to Sydney Kingsford, and I’m on leg 2 of 9. I’m about 2 hr 45min from EGLL, and I swear I found some stars in the game that bear a striking resemblance to the Big Dipper. Anyone else noticed this?

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Doubt it. Most likely just reflections.

Actually, the stars location are accurate based on Earth’s relative position. They should be in the same place in Infinite Flight as they are as they would if you look up in real life :)

Given you have “Current time” set up etc etc.


Awesome. No reason to go outside in the rain and wind to go stargazing, do it while flying :)

Edit: although if it’s raining the chances are there will be clouds and no stars to see ;)

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Turns out I did have it on current time. It just looked so similar I had to ask.

Yup. That’s what autopilot is for I guess.

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MaxSez: @thenewpilot… Yes that’s the “Big Dipper”, The IF Celestial Projection is accurate. The “Dipper” & North Star are the most prominent constellation in the Northern Hemisphere, Watch for “”The “Southern Cross” as you pass South of the “Equator”. If you have the skill and knowledge you can navigate your route like the Ancient Mariner utilizing the sun, stars and constellation which are “True” not magnetic values, some call it “Dead Reckoning”.


No hate to IF, but seeing it for yourself in real life is always stunning and better :D


Yeah it is. I can pick out Orion without even trying. Then again, it is pretty much the only constellation that shows itself. That I can recognize at least.

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