Constantly having to sign in

Everytime I want to start a flight I have to sign in , than the app takes forever to connect. Yes I do have Apple air 2, reinstalled the app, cleared all ram, have excellent internet. After the update it seems to do this than after signing in, sometimes I connect, sometimes it crashes. I had the install of iOS 11.2 yesterday.

Hmm. Can you send a video then upload it to youtube then send the link here so I can understand exactly what you are saying?

I don’t really get what is happening other than being forced to sign in.

This happened to me, my solution is to Reinstall the app

Yes i can give it a try, it happens when I want to start the flight sometimes it lets me in and lots of times it does not let me onto the server . The only servers I can connect to is casual and expert servers but not training. And that is iffy even when I get on the server . Sometimes it just crashes, sometimes it lets me fly .

I already did 2 times and seems to be a hit or miss in reference to connecting to a server. But it always makes me sign in and like I mentioned, It can either let me in casual or expert as of now which is fine but I have to try about 5 or more times to connect to one and there is no guarantee after I do connect, that the server says failed server connection

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