Constantly crashing

fix it or stop taking my $$.

Wow… Okay.

First off, what device do you have? What are your graphics settings at? Do you have other apps running in the background?

A little more information would be appreciated so that your problem can be helped instead of creating a topic just to complain.

iPad 7, 15.3.
I pay $$ for this app, it takes minutes to reload. That’s not a complaint, it’s a fact.
Do you work for IF? Are you a licensed pilot?
Even when it works, the sim isn’t accurate. I was an ATP, medicaled out.
2000+ hours in C-172s, half of them were CFI.
Then I flew right seat on 707s, 737’s, captain on MDs and A-320s.

Right, but we still need more information. What graphics settings are you running the game on? Are any background apps running?


Great! Your software is old. Current iOS is 16.4. Your device is probably getting up in age too.

Do you work for IF? Are you a pilot?

Doesn’t matter. It’s pretty commonly known that if you don’t have the most current software, things will stop working.

Btw, I just checked and the iPad 7 does have the ability to run the most current iOS. Would you be willing to answer the other questions that me and @thenewpilot asked?

It would be helpful to know your graphics settings, as well as if you have apps running in the background. Infinite Flight is a pretty meaty app to run on a mobile device. If you have other apps running in the background, it can interfere with the app. If you graphics settings are super high, that can also affect app performance as well.


No one will be able or willing to help someone with that attitude, regardless of what you’ve done in the past.