Constantly crashing

Hey IFC,
My game is constantly crashing suddenly, it was working fine an hour back on the expert server but when I try ATC on the training server, it crashes.
I’ve restarted my device and router and also reinstalled IF, these have not worked so I require some suggestions.
I have an iPad (2017)

Where is it crashing at? Spawning, starting the app, mid-flight, etc?

How much free space do you have left on your device?

It’s crashing like a minute after everything loads in at the airport I’m trying to control. (EGLC)
I have loads of free space.

So while controlling?

Try lowering your graphics settings and see if that makes a difference. Have you tried a different airport and see if you can control there?

Yes I have tried controlling a different airport but the same problem occurs.
I’ll try reducing graphics but this has not been a problem before since the device can handle high settings.

It’s working now thanks Chris!

Glad it helped. I always lower my settings when controlling. It just helps your overall controlling experience no matter what your device is.

Wait it crashed again:(

Could it be anti aliasing that’s causing this?

Is AA on for your device? Do you normally have it on?

It’s a possibility, I would try turning it off to see if that helps.

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Yes it’s on as default.

Ok, I’ll try it out.

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Ok, with everything on low and anti aliasing off, it still crashed. Limit frame rate was also on.


What iOS version does your iPad have? Is it the latest version?

What you can try:
Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings

I’m on iOS 11.3 so I’ll update it. I’ll see if resetting settings works.

It’s still crashing, I’m going to be eating dinners now so I may not respond.
Leave any other suggestions below.

If it still happens after restarting your device, reinstalling the app, lowering your graphics settings and resetting the settings, go for a soft reset: Hold down the home and power buttons until you see the Apple logo (10-15 seconds).

If it still happens after doing all of that, secure all your data and do a factory-reset.

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Try this

  • Completely sign out of IF using the sign out button from the profile screen
  • Close IF completely
  • Reboot your device
  • Launch IF
  • Log back in
  • Try again

Signing out is the key. Make sure you do that.


I’ll try it out, don’t want to backup all the data, there’s only so much free iCloud space 😅