Constant over speed Violations

Can someone please fix NZIR, you can’t land here because it doesn’t recognize it as an airport because the fix is off center. (See photo)



There is a similar topic to this and NZIR is being fixed

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Has been fixed for next update.

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I would have assumed something like this to be fixed in the HotFix update which was pushed out today.

It wasn’t ready in time to be released with that 🙂


I know there is no telling, but i figured i would ask. Any idea when this hot fix will be released? IFGAF conducts an annual week long trip down to Antarctica and our main hub is NZIR, which i was super excited to see that is was now 3D

Likely not. It will be fixed in either 22.8 or 23.1. Whatever Infinite Flight has planned next.

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