Constant game freeze

Hello everyone, I started playing infinite flight back yesterday after a long pause. This is my third attempt at flying, and the game always freezes at different part of the flight which is extremely irritating especially if you’ve been flying for more that 7 hours. I was really looking forward to come back to IF but it has been a disaster.
My device is a brand new IPad Air with loads of storage running the latest version of IOS

Have you experiences crashes? If so, it’s a pretty known issue and is addressed here:

Hey, the problem is that I am following all the directives given there. I flown from September to December with the exact same setting on IOS13 and I never had any problems

Hm. What settings are you using?

I use the high setting as I’ve never had any problems with it, including memory or lags. This is the first time I experience freezes in my app

Then turn the settings down and see what happens.

If I might ask, any connectivity issues existing?

I would lower the settings as @Tsumia said, but if that doesn’t work, if you haven’t already, delete and reinstall the app.

I restarted my WiFi, I deleted and reinstalled the app. Everything seems back to normal ! I did 3 flights, including a 6.5 hours one and I didn’t have any problems. I just hope it will stay this way!
I didn’t change my graphic settings
Thanks for the help

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