Constant Frequency Changes

A few hours ago I was coming into LAX approach, first contacted SoCal Approach and they gave me a few vectors.

As I got closer to the airport and more traffic was shown, I kept getting messages to switch frequency. They would say “you’re in an active airspace, please switch to KLAX Tower” when I’m really close to the airport have been given vectors by SoCal Approach. This would happen non stop between Tower and SoCal Approach telling me different frequencies.

My point is, is the “you’re in an active airspace” message automatic or can it be ignored based on better judgement? I feel like switching between frequencies when I think it is necessary was better than switching frequencies after just receiving vectors every 20 seconds.

All in all, I finally got switched to Tower and made a smooth landing. But still, the experience was quite intense because of the constant instruction changes.

Was this on training or expert server?

Training. I’m guessing the same problem wouldn’t be replicated in expert, but I’m still wondering if the “you’re in an active airspace” message is sent out by ATC or just an automated message.

The controller initiated that message, it’s an on guard. If you’re on approach’s frequency, and approach is still online, you should not being on guarded by Tower. If you’re flying on expert, this should never happen.

The controller should check the aircraft’s information before sending an on guard message, to confirm they are not on another frequency.


Since this is on training pilots are still learning there. Probably that the tower controller didn’t know that approach would hand you off.

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Gotcha. Thanks for the info.

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