Constant FPS loss

Hello, I’m facing a problem in the Infinite Flight simulator, a loss of FPS every time I start descent/land at airports, can anyone help me?

Device: Motorola
Operating system: Android 11
Modelo: Moto G9 Play

What levels do you have the graphics set to?

Here it is

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I am not sure what language that is haha, but unfortunately I can not understand it, do you mind helping me to translate?

I will change the language to English and send you the photo again

Much appreciated, apologies for the trouble!


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Have you tried turning the Texture Quality to low like the other settings?

yes i tried

Do you restart your device before your flights? This helps me

no i never did that

Maybe try that before your next flight and see if that helps, in my case it decreases the amount of lag I receive compared to not

So man, I did what you said, it worked, thank you very much, it helped me a lot 😎🤝

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No worries, happy to help!

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