Constant Crashing

I have noticed that since the most recent update (22.7), the app is crashing in late stages of flights for me. I would take all precautions (closing background apps, doing a light restart of the iPad, clearing scenery cache) but the issue still persists. I’ve had 3 of my past 4 flights end early due to the app crashing

Device: iPad (6th generation)
iOS version: 15.7
Available storage (if that has anything to do with it): 35gb


The iPad 6th Gen is an aging device at this point.

What graphics and airplane count settings are you using?

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Low graphics and low airplane count. I also have low airport renderings

Same this happened to me as well and I’m on iPad Air 2. What I usually do before I do a flight I delete the app and power off my iPad and then download it again, but idk if that works because I did that today and it still crashed. I also put all the graphics on low, so idk why this problem is still occurring but they need to fix it asap.

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If this is an issue since the last update, i would recommend reinstalling.
There’s not been any changes that should increase the load on the device in the app, except the new aircraft that is.

The iPad Air 2 is so old at this point that even with everything you are doing, crashes will still happen unfortunately.

Not minutes ago the app just trashed a long-haul nearing 11 hours. I’d like to add, even with all the prescribed precautions, on an old(er) but fairly competent apple device, I’ve been experiencing app crashes a plenty. Went on the beta months back, sent in the reports, hoped that would help solve it…
Deleting and re-installing now…

iPhone 11 Pro Max
iOS 16.0.2
Medium Settings across the board. Low airplane count.
Normal Battery mode
On carrier Data

Well, you are wrong. I use Air2, though it crashes sometimes…I have done 6 to 8 hours without issue. I just flew out of kBOS to CYYZ even with heavy traffic with medium/high settings. It surprises me when read about better devices failing to perform.

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I have the 9th generation iPad and it constantly crashes after about 5-7 hours on an 11 hour flight. Really irritating at this point

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