Constant crashing

Hi, I’m running the game on an iPad mini 3 with 64gb. Whenever I fly online flights, 1 in 2 times my game will crash on final, no matter the length of the flight. This is becoming a very annoying issue since I’m paying for this service. I restart my device before every flight and have no issues right until final. Why?

How much storage is taken up out of this 64 go, or is that the remaining amount of storage?

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This could be the issue that you don’t have enough storage or that your device is too old to handle Infinite Flight or it could be the fact that it can’t load in all the planes in that airport at once, for this issue I recommend putting your airplane count to low.

Can you please tell s how much storage you have left and how old your device is please :)

First of all, your device is getting quite old so you may want to lower all your setting to the minimum and see if the issue persists.

I had this issue. Delete all the data on IF and try again

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