Constant crashing of app

Do you use low power mode on IF?

Low power mode is used on IF for all my flights

Have you tried flying without constantly adjusting the settings? Like have you flown with only high settings? And limit frame rate and low power mode on?

I’ve tried with everything on low settings from the start but still happens. It’s only on high for 10-15 mins from push to climb and then low. It can’t be graphics

And do you clear all of your apps running in the background before each flight and restart IF?

I clear all apps, I clear all cashe… I’ve reset my iPad and done a factory reset… still crash !

It’s taking the mic tbh

And you aren’t leaving the app at all are you?

It’s weird as I have all settings on full and never have any issues and my air 2 is nearly 4 years old.

how Much storage do you have left on your device ?

My iPad is from new too. Hell nah 😂 ipad is for IF only now lol. Just turn the brightness down to lowest and leave it to do it’s thing. Just that seems to be crashing 5 hrs into a flight

25GB of storage remains @Joeoreilly77

Ummm that’s very annoying you could try returning it the supplier you bought it from telling them your not satisfied with them and swap for a different one if you have a warranty because if you have tried all them things over and over your iPad could have a fault there’s really not much else you can do

I don’t think that it’s the iPad as it’s perfectly capable processing everything

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Yes it’s Apple You try to delet and reinstall the app?

Done that. Didn’t have any affect

What are your devices current settings at for the following:

  • notification settings (On/Off)
  • locations services (On/Off)
  • battery settings (Low Power On/Off) (Low Power Mode On/Off)?

When exactly did this issue begin or has this been an issue since you’ve downloaded Infinite Flight?

Worse case scenario would be to back up your device and do a factory reset.

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I’ve done a factory reset and it’s not done anything

Location off. Not low power mode for iPad but use low power mode in IF for any flight

I want to see if the new update does anything different

Do you leave your charger in when your device is at 100% and can’t go up anymore @Brad_Jones