Constant crashes

Good day

After some months, I am trying to play once again Infinite Flight, however I’m having problems that are ruining the experience for me.

So far, I’ve wasted 2 Live flights that took several hours, both crashes happened once I was approaching my destination, using the TBM 930

I am using an S10e

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Hey! Sorry for the inconvenience. Can you fill us in with more information? Do you know what is causing the crashes or is there anything specific causing them?

Hey there, sorry about these issues. I highly recommend you restart your phone before a flight to ensure it’s in a good condition to fly. Keep a cool temperature around your phone as overheating may slow your phone down resulting into crashes and finally make sure there’s no background apps running apart from third parties as that may stress the cpu causing the game to crash. I hope this helps:)


Can I have some more info like what Asher & others said is there anything in common with the crashes, do you have the game up to date, or are you running other applications whilst running IF?

If you’re running the S10 with an Exynos chip, you may have encountered the ongoing issue that has been reported for months in the thread linked below. Unfortunately, there is no official fix, but if you scroll to the bottom of that topic, some people have shared possible workarounds and temporary fixes. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Actually this may be the issue. I am already familiar with Infinite Flight, so I am usually very cautious when flying a long route. At the time of the crashes the phone was not hot, no other apps running as background. Only thing in common is that both happened when I was already descending. In fact, the first time happened on final approach :(

Thanks for the replies


Was your graphics setting set on low? High graphic settings can stress the cpu causing crashes but i doubt it would happen to a device of that category.

Hey! Quick question, were you landing on HUBs when those crashes happened?

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