Constant Crashes

Okay, before I get people firing at me to check;

Rest assured that I have.
I have a really annoying issue that was specified in the post above, however no matter what settings I adjust whether it be graphics related or otherwise, I seem to achieve nothing.

My Issue:
Bought my monthly subscription on the 22nd November and I have had EVERY SINGLE FLIGHT crash whether it be long haul or short haul. Now, my device (iPad Air) is ageing and I do understand that 100% however I have never had my iPad crash every time it took flight. For those who have taken note, back when I bought the subscription, we were still in IF’s version of 19.3, so this is not a recent bug that has popped up following the latest release, 19.4, hence why I am going through with this post.

In an attempt to resolve the issue I;
• Double checked that I had enabled ‘Low Power Mode’
• Cleared Scenery Cache
• Airplane Count (Usually on ‘High’ [unless around a lot of traffic]) - on ‘Low’
• Rendering Quality (Usually on ‘High’ - I put on ‘Low’)
• Rendering Resolution (Usually on ‘High’ - I put on ‘Low’)
• Texture Quality (Usually on ‘High’ - I put on ‘Medium’)
• Anti-Aliasing - Always Off
• Limit Frame Rate - ticked
• Uninstalled IF a number of times (restarting my iPad on each occasion)

And the result of this led to a flight that would last about an hour and then all of a sudden crash (without any input on the device).

I know that It’s a lot to take in and I really hope that I made myself as clear as possible.
Obviously nothing has changed with the new update 19.4, so any assistance would be greatly appreciated as at the moment IF is basically unusable.

• iPad Air
iOS Version:
• 12.4.3 (Now updated to 12.4.4)
IF Version:

Let me know if I have left any details out.


Does your device get hot when you are playing.

Sometimes if the RAM gets overloaded and overheats it will force close apps to try and cool down.

Talking about closing apps, @Massimo_Murgida, do have any background apps open when you use Infinite Flight.

Another thing you may do is to restart your device. Turn if off and then turn it on again, close all background apps. Only have Infinite Flight open to play and that should hopefully reduce the risk of any App Crash or frequent App Crashes.

Below are Tips on how to reduce risks of App Crashes, till the Developers (who are aware of this issue) find a solution.

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No, thats the strange thing, it doesn’t overheat so theres no obvious overload on the RAM… @Captain_JR as for closing apps, IF is the only app I have open whilst flying since I renewed my subscription.

In the past however, I have had IF Assistant running in the background which didn’t cause any obvious strain on the device.


In the past almost no one had these kinds of issues with App Crash on a frequent basis. The issue is being looked into by the Developers. I too am experiencing App Crash on flights longer than 8hrs till I updated to iOS 13.3 and I’m so far able to do 15hrs+ flights so I would say try the steps above, soft restart the device prior to a flight and see if that solves other wise maybe updating could help. iOS13 is troublesome but 13.3 fixed the RAM management issue quite well from what I see after trying out Long Hauls.


Please continue here App keep crashing after 19.4 update