Constant crashes on iPhone XR

Device: iPhone XR
Operating system: iOS 16.0

Hi, guys!
I had a problem today in Miami, I recently updated to the new iOS version when I started a flight out of Cancun to Miami.
Everything was normal during the flight, I always kept 30 FPS and it never occurred to me to close the app at the end of an airport.
I had just contacted Tower when suddenly the frames dropped and rose rapidly until there was a freeze and the application was terminated.

The additional infinite flight apps were in the background and got no error, just the infinite flight that closed for something.

Note: I was at 42% battery at the moment, battery health at 82%, no Low Power Mode, off charger, no other background apps other than the ones I already used with infinite flight, I was on a Boeing 737 -800 and in the Hud camera

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My Settings:

Hey there.

I recommend Turing anti-aliasing off

Anti-Aliasing has very little impact on iOS…

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he is sure? why so I already used it activated in full airport and look that there in Miami, it was not so much at the moment and I left Cancun with it on

When this happens to me it’s usually due to overheating, I would recommend turning down for some time your graphics settings, this would be the only advice I can give you

here’s an observation he was pretty cold, he wasn’t super heated

Wow okay good to know… Maybe some corrections still need to be made to have a stable gameplay with the new iOS16… Hope you’re issue gets solved out quick!

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we are talking about a 1 hour flight, I even use Low Power in Infinite Flight which limits it to 10 FPS during the flight

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yes i hope that’s it. Thanks ;)

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I would in all honesty say that it’s not the only thing that needs to be adjusted.
It’s great that you’re generally not experiencing any crashes earlier, but running everything on “HIGH” on iPhone XR is pushing it and then some :)

I previously flew on an Avianca A330. SXM-BOG running iOS 16 and had no problem, I’m guessing it was when it rendered the airport that caused

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I cleared the cache I will redo this flight to see if the problem still persists

seems to be normal now, it seems that clearing the data solved my problem

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sorry i should have done that myself

Going to try this too. Just like 2 weeks ago my iPhone XR could run everything smoothly on high settings (except during landing and rollout where it would lag but never crash) but now I’ve gotten multiple crashes and a giant giant lag spikes that I don’t normally experience even when flying into huge hubs with heavy traffic.

i went back to ios 15.7 and i have no more performance problems, the real reason for lags was ios 16.0 which was full of errors

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Hmm I’ll try and this as a last resort if the other solution doesn’t work. This seems right since this seems to have started happening after installing iOS 16

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