Constant crashes on descent

Hi there guys. I’ve started noticing that ever since the current update, whenever I fly to an airport with ATC, the app seems to crash constantly on final. On my most recent flight, I was descending with a 77L into JFK without any navaids toggled and without having touched the map controls; in addition, I had anti-aliasing off and all of my graphics settings on low. I also had 2 gigs left on my phone’s storage (an iPhone 8), and I’d left my device underneath a fan for the 12 hours I was in the air to keep it cool. All the same, when I was about 500 meters from the runway, the app crashed. I feel rather frustrated, to put that mildly, as that’s 12 hours of my subscription that I’ll never get back. I understand that the devs are working to fix the overburdened servers here, but is the crash an issue on their end or mine? Thanks for listening to my rant.

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Hello! This is a known issue and devs are actually fixing this rn.

Btw it looks like IF servers fault though I can’t be 100% sure.


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