Constant App Crashing v21.1

Hi all,

I’m running the app on an almost new iPad 7th gen 32GB. I had the previous version, and the 21.1 beta, both experienced no issues whatsoever (minor issues in beta but nothing worth noting). Note that my iPad’s storage is not near full with 10+ GB of available space at any given time.

Last week, I download the 21.1 release and I haven’t been able to finish a single flight since. In the past 6-8 flights the app has crash closed 5 times, either during taxi, climb out or short final. I have never had issues in previous versions of the beta and I’m becoming rather upset as I quite enjoy using the app and don’t want to embark on long haul flights if I know the app is just going to crash on arrival after 10 hours in the air.

I’ve done a few things this morning is hopes to rectify the issues, and will test tonight with another long haul flight for the outcome.

  1. I restarted the iPad.
  2. I uninstalled IF 21.1
  3. I shut down the iPad again and let it sit for 10 minutes powered off.
  4. I powered up and reinstalled Infinite Fight 21.1

Possibly worth noting is the app crashed this morning after a 10 hour overnight flight from EGLL to KSFO. I was less than 2 minutes from landing, I selected gear down, full flaps and landing lights on, and the app hard crashed and closed when I tapped “reply” to my landing clearance.

Is anyone else having problems wit continuous crashing? Please tell me what else I can do to solve this super frustrating problem!!! And don’t give me the standard “get a different tablet” answer. It’s almost new and runs perfectly.


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The iPad 7th gen isn’t an old device. It was released in 2019


I am experiencing the same problem with the same IPad I just have more storage.

Oops, when I looked it up it showed a different device. My bad

But having no issues with my iPhone SE 1st Gen

Your graphics could be high, even though I don’t think it is a graphic problem. Could you list your graphic settings? @PerfectVMC_Aviation

Try changing your frame limits to 30 FPS. A lot of users have been having this issue with the update. lowering your frame limit allows your device to better render in objects. If you go into settings under graphics I believe its at the bottom.

Hey there @PerfectVMC_Aviation, sorry you are experiencing some troubles. As mentioned above, there are some good tips to start with. Since you’ve already deleted the app and reinstalled, let’s explore some other changes you could make to see if your experience improves.

• Set Frame Rate to 30fps like @Ironman_Ballets suggested. You’ll likely never notice the difference between 30fps and 60fps.
• Set Rendering Quality to medium in IF’s Graphics settings
• Change 3D object density to medium in IF’s Graphic settings.
• Lower your aircraft count from Very High to High or lower it to Medium in IF’s Live Settings.
• Enable Low Power Mode in IF’s General settings.
• Make sure you have a strong and stable internet connection so that your device can stream the scenery/airport data smoothly.

Note- make these changes prior to launching your flight.

Finally, since you’ve deleted the app and reinstalled, you’ll need to download all the aircraft again which can be done by going to a busy airport on one of the Live Servers, and sit on the ramp for a few minutes until the surrounding aircraft have downloaded, or you can spawn in on Solo a few times with some of the most popular aircraft/liveries (this takes a little while but could help optimize your device’s resources when flying hereafter since you’ll already have a good amount of liveries and aircraft stored on your device now.)


To add on to this, make sure that apps are not running in the background also.

Thanks for all the troubleshooting tips, I now have a list to refer to, and look forward to trying it again this evening, hopefully with better luck!


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