Constant app crashes

Well, the title pretty much sums up the details. I just go spawn in, and a few seconds later, it crashes.

Device: iPad Pro 9.7
Software: IOS 11.3


What have you tried so far yourself?

Device restart?
Reinstalled the app?

Well, I initially just closed and restarted the app. When that didn’t work, I tried the RAM clearing trick of holding the power button down until it gives the option of shutting down, then holding the home button down until it goes back to the home screen. Then I restarted it, then did the RAM clearing thing again. After all that, the app still crashed. I then noticed that I was on an old version of IOS, so I did a software update. That still didn’t work, so I wrote a support topic, and that brings us to here.

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Thanks! That was exactly what i wanted to know :)

What happens if you spawn on “Solo”? Or is that what you’re trying? I just want to rule one thing out before moving on.

Before it was online. I’ll try solo now and get back to you ;)

Okay, solo seems to be all good. I’ll just check online gain to see if the problem has fixed itself.

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Okay, it seems to be fine online now. I will comment back on here if it happens again. Thanks for your help.

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No worries. I’ll have this auto-close in a couple of hours if all is good!


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