Constant App crashes since update

Device:Apple Ipad Gen 7th Gen
Operating system:15.3.1

Been flying the F22 for the passed 7 days without an issue. Decided I wanted to do a long haul flight from EDDF-KATL. (LH444)

My departure was extremely glitchy. Once I was at cruise altitude things smoothed out. I was just over EGLL when the app crashed. Absolutely ridiculous. This new update has cause nothing but problems. Yes I’ve set all my Settings to low. I’ve deleted all unnecessary items such as replays.

As crazy as it sounds, have you restarted your app as well as your device between flights? I’ve found that my performance is able to recover by quite a significant amount if a reboot is completed. Quite often reboots can cover lots of issues, and hopefully it can cover yours too.

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Try rebooting your device after every subsequent flight. i guess thats the only working fix youll get as of now for app crashes.

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Good morning guys.

So I did as instructed.
Deleted the App and reinstalled it.
Decided to take the flight again from EDDF-KATL.

I departed late lastnight on the training server as I figured it would not be so busy with traffic.

I woke up a few hours ago and noticed she was still flying. I was now on approach and the App crashed again. So what’s the next step?

You said you reinstalled the Application - but did you restart your device? Turn it off and on again?
This might fix some irregularities in the cache.

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