Consistent Crashing

I’ve been using my iPad Air 1 for a while and it has only started crashing very frequently over the last few months, which, conincidentally happens to be after some of the last few major updates.

My problem comes around 3-4 hours into a flight, regardless of aircraft type and it seems to just be constant all the time. This has been happening after numerous iPad reboots, Infinite Flight app re-downloading, clearing caches, lowering all graphic settings to the absolute minimal.

I cannot pinpoint to the exact reason why this happening; maybe it’s because of the amount of RAM it has (1GB, other devices tend to have 2 or more) but even then, I am just not able to complete a flight. Sometimes, crashes come during the final approach of an empty airport which may have been only a 1:30 hours flight away.

I’ve been trying all kinds of solution to this issue, but I’m hoping someone here can offer me some more help so I can get back flying properly.

Hello! This was documented in the Support FAQ 19.4 - Please read this before posting! thread.

Please follow the discussion in this thread for more information.


Did you have low power mode enable?

Nope, it isn’t an option on my iPad.

Let’s keep it in this topic: