Consistent crashing mid flight

What @Sal said

Also try to have as much ram storage as possible free and always restart your device before a flight

I’ve done this every time. I’ve even gone so far as to uninstall and re-install Infinite Flight before each long flight, but it doesn’t work.

As previously stated I’ve dropped my settings (from the highest - which it used to run perfectly fine on, to the lowest)

It’s on Live. I don’t see the point in solo

@Laura. - I’m bringing in the big guns seems no one is helping me 😂

The big guns are here! The only thing I could suggest to do now is perform a factory reset. Make sure to back up all of your important data before doing it though! But it might just be that your device is too weak to run Infinite Flight even though it has the requirements

Before doing a factory reset I’d like to give everything possible a whirl, I didn’t mean “big guns” disrespectfully to you guys. I appreciate the advice but none of it has worked so far.

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I use android to run IF and everything’s fine until mindway through the flight it just crashes or freezes. I’ve tried everything on this forum and it still crashes. Solo flying is fine. But Global Online it just crashes all the time through mid flight. The device used to run it fine until I paid for another subscription. What do u recommend??

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Happens to me as well. For now well, I just spawn at a nearby airport when I crash but there will be a device improvement soon

When will this become available?

Nothing has been mentioned or released officially about an improvement - that’s speculation.

@Cameron any chance of a hand from someone here? There seems to be a lot of folk experiencing the same problem 👍🏼

Have you tried flying without NAV on, sir @Mags885, @Joseph_Spinner?. I’d like to hear how it goes. Not sure if read my last post, but like I said, I started having these issues after I started using NAV. Please take a flight again if you find some free time and fly manually.

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I’ll try tomorrow 👍🏼

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@Chatta290 is this the same device you’re currently playing on? Could you share your settings if so?

@Mags885 chatta is currently at 24hrs flight time and may be able to help if it’s the same device

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I was just flying from Heathrow to New York JFK. I look at Infinite Tracker and just as I passed south of Iceland, the app crashed… 😣
If it helps, I’m playing on an Android Optimus L90.
Really hope a solution to this is found soon.

Yeah I have everything on full and have a bunch of apps running in the background. 😜

Wonder why he is having an issue then… something is on his device causing the problem

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@kronos yeah I’ll try another flight and see if using NAV makes a difference.

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Not sure it’ll help with this issue, but iOS 11.0.3 is available

So it turns out I haven’t found a solution, what I have found is if I move myself from the Airfield I was using, change aircraft and continue as normal - IF continues to work.

I don’t think it was an issue my end… I’ll see how I get in with another long haul flight and let you all know but for now - avoiding the situation is working 😂

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