Consistent App Crashes

I’m writing this out of utter frustration as one of the top 3 most active users of the sim and an IFATC member. Since the last update of IF was released, 30-50% of my flights have ended with the app crashing. It’s ruining my user experience and becoming quite frustrating.

I’ve noticed it normally occurs where ATC is active and normally on approach (e.g. just now at JFK), but sometimes at the very beginning of the flight I’d the airfield is busy (e.g. this morning at LHR).

I’ve done the following to try to limit the issue, but it’s actually gotten worse over time:

  • Reduce airplane count to zero on live
  • Turn anti-aliasing off
  • Limit frame rate to 30 fps
  • Reduce rendering resolution to medium
  • Clear scenery cache regularly

So now I’m getting a materially lower quality experience being on live with blurry scenery and invisible aircraft, and it’s still crashing. This wasn’t the case before, I used to run it to the max with minimal issues. With this many of my flights ending with no landings, it’s incredibly difficult to maintain a high pilot grade.

Any insight?

Device: Apple iPad (8th Gen)
Operating system: iPadOS 16.3


It’s probably because of this. They are trying their hardest to get it resolved ASAP

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I had to buy a newer gen IOS device and I no longer experiences crashes anymore, I do still experiment with my old device and it crashes so much it becomes unplayable, I noticed that right before the crash the same thing happens, there is a white flicker for a split second, something I also see on my new device, except it doesn’t cause the application to crash on the new device but always on the old one.
I also have seen that after clearing scenery cache in the main menu and then try to start a flight, half the time the app will crash on the loading screen and fail to start a flight
Old device: IPad 6th gen
New device: IPad Pro 2018


This does seem to be generally happening on the older iOS devices, as I have an iPad Air 5 and have had no crashes at all.

Do you characterize an 8th gen iPad as an older device?

Its 2 years old now so it will definitely be starting to show its age. I’m surprised that it is crashing that often on a 2-year-old device but oh well…

You sometimes gave people the wrong information here. How can you possibly say that a 2yrs device is considered old for this sim? Someone said he changed from a ipad 6gen to a 2018 ipad pro. Would consider the 2018 pro old? Of course you would, but he said the sim stopped crashing after the switch. What does it tell you? You are sometimes too fast to answer. Am not saying you shouldn’t express your opinion, allow those who know more to help out. Thank you.

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There’s always going to be outliers…thats how statistics works…

A two-year-old device is not even capable of running IF properly, a solution must absolutely be found for that. I think many will agree, but I think a lot of people can’t afford to change devices every two years just to run IF


Devices that age should be able to run IF fine…albeit maybe not on max settings. However,. there is an increased crash rate at the moment on iOS devices which the developers are investigating - see the first reply to this topic for that

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Yes, I know it’s all due to the last update, but you can’t blame the device, which is recent and powerful

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Age matters, but not by that much.
As I’ve made clear in several topics, we’re doing our best to figure it out.

One of the issues is this:
Same device models behaves differently.

For example;
We’ve had a few users report issues on iPad Pro M1 11", which for example is my primary device.
I haven’t been able to reproduce any issues what so ever, while others are having massive issues. Running the same iOS version + app version.

This issue is a top priority for us.


I have experienced these same issues and I’m on an M2 iPad Pro 12.9” so I don’t think the issue has anything to do with device age.

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I’ve had the same problem and also got told to turn everything down cause my device was apparently already to old, whilst I didn’t have the problem before 22.8. I guess that there is just something in 22.8 that is not working well with IOS. Hope they fix it in 23.1!!


I’m not an expert in any way but what I feel like the issue is, is that when you’re approaching a busy airport, the game doesn’t know which planes on the ground it needs to load in due to the heavy amount of traffic. Which causes the game to crash.

Most likely totally wrong but that is what I feel like.

Lower RAM in normal IPads might be a big factor
Memory overflow

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I use the iPad 8th gen and don’t have any problems

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Your device memory might be lower or have more storage capacity than his like shyllberg said devices that are the same model are reacting different, well different devices have different amounts of storage

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The same thing is happening to me. I bought a new iPhone 13 and so far it has taken me out of the app between yesterday and today about 3 times approximately every 1h30m of flight. I don’t understand what’s going on, I have everything on medium and I play at a 30fps rate. Recently it happened to me, I landed at KSEA, went to Ground for about 20 minutes and then when taxiing back to runway 34R to depart on the same flight session it suddenly pulled me out of the app… I don’t like this, it’s a very powerful phone with a very good processor for these things to happen :/

Chiming in with my measly two-cents: just run everything at the lowest setting, including air traffic, enable low power in IF settings, reset your device before each flight, offload/delete your replays periodically, don’t clear your cache, but do keep an eye on the size of IF on your devices’ storage. I tend to write down all my settings as I like them and do a clean delete/re-install ever-so often. I can guarantee everything will run fine. Even JAM packed! events, zero crashes. I used to be all over these crash boards, went to the beta tester, sent in .ips crash reports, the whole deal.

Resigned myself to running the app on “low” across the board, months now, zero crash posts, happy flyer here.

Running the sim on a 64gb iPhone 11 Pro Max, latest iOS version, meager 4gb of RAM. The iPad you’re using has even less! RAM, 3gb to be exact, wouldn’t expect much of your device running IF on anything other than low. A tip, turn off low power mode in iOS battery settings, it does help.