Considering to upgrade my mobile device and resume Infinite Flight on it


So it’s been a while since I’ve last played IF (probably a full year by now), as life somewhat resumed to normal and I had very little time to play, at least in comparison to my availability during lockdowns. My device is the iPhone 8+, purchased in March 2018. The screen is a bit damaged, so I’ll probably move on to a newer iPhone this year. If I get a new device, I think I’ll be a lot more motivated to re-purchase Live and fly again, so here’s the main point of my post:

Is it worth waiting till the iPhone 14 (end of 2022) and simply have the newest of the new device which would in theory operate Infinite Flight to its max potential, or just get the iPhone 13 sooner as the computing power between the 13 and 14 won’t really be all that different? Maybe the newest phones always start out with bugs too, i dont really know…

I hear the iPhone 14 will have basically the same SoC (System on Chip: your CPU, GPU, RAM, all that fun stuff on the same platter) as the 13, unless you get a higher spec-ed Pro model.

Do note nothing here is confirmed until Apple announces it, it just seems likely based on all the reports.

(To find out more, you can look up “iphone 14 processor”)

TL;DR you’ll most likely be safe going with the iPhone 13, in terms of processing power