Considering Setting up a Photo Editing Team - I need feedback!

Hey all!

So recently I’ve been relatively inactive on Infinite Flight and haven’t been keeping up with my own threads, mostly my photoshopping thread.

To make sure the community has a chance to show off their creative abilities, and to prevent posts clogging up due to my own inactivity, I’m considering organising a team of highly skilled editors to provide this community with the best edits possible for free.

I don’t think I need permission from the IFVARB to create this, but if I do then you guys can take this post down.

So if you think you have what it takes, ot you want to learn more about photoshopping / detailed photo editing then please PM either me or @Kirito_77 as he is the person I’m choosin to co-own this possible new group with.

NOTE TO MODS: This team hasn’t been made yet, and we fully understand that if we need permission to comprise a team then you have every right to remove this post.

POLL: Should we have this in the community?

  • Yea! I’d love to see this in the community!
  • Sounds good but not what we need…
  • Nope. Bad idea and not needed.

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I don’t see why you can’t create a photo editing team as long as it isn’t an official one

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It wouldn’t be associated with IF commercially, however we’d edit the community’s screenies and IRL shots.

I’ll just point out to anyone that says “it won’t work”, the infinite flight media team existed once, and they did some pretty solid work. The objective here is to perhaps create a small team of skilled editors that make stunning Photoshopped and edited images for members that don’t feel that adept themselves

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Exactly, I agree with what you’re saying. We scout for editors to find the best instead of just hiring everyone who asks

I’d rather a smaller team but a more skilled one than a large team full of inexperienced instagram editors

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