Considering on moving on to Apple

Salutations everyone, hope you’re having a great day / night / evening today. So, i might get an iPhone this week, and i need to know what to do to make the switch from Android to iOS smoothly. Since Infinite Flight is free on the App Store, i don’t have to worry about buying it but, how can I pay for the subscription with my iPhone instead of Android? I appreciate the answers guys! You guys can also give tips and tricks when I’m using my iPhone for Infinite Flight. :)

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I’ve never had an iPhone. When you first downloaded the app, what was your method of logging in? I know there were a few options.

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Sorry but my experience with apple has been well…… kinda terrible, their products aren’t very strong, things break very easily, the service isn’t great and they just suck. Get an apple device if you want but this is just my experience and opinion

I’ll have to disagree with this, if you are careless with any device, it will break.


this isn’t about him buying an apple device or not


When i tried Infinite Flight on an iPad, i had the option to “Log in with Infinite Flight Community”

I’m as careful as can be, I have an otter box and that breaks easily too

I said it’s my opinion did I not?

Signing into your Pro account should be the same across platforms, if I’m not mistaken

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But it’s off topic to this thread

We can continue in PM if you’d like

My parents might give me the iPhone 11 this week, so i wanted to see on what should I know when I’m using an iPhone for the first time with Infinite Flight

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Don’t even think your able to transfer things from one company to another can you but don’t ask me as everyone seems to be against me

That’s cause it’s an otter box lol. I have a screen protector and a normal phone case for my iPhone 8, and it’s totally fine after 2 years. My iPad I’ve had for 2 years as well and I’ve had no issues with it breaking


Please take this to PM’s.


Then you should be able to switch your subscription and stats over to your new phone by logging in via the IFC.

@2021Flight Anyway, I believe you can sign into your Pro account (probably via IFC as you said before) and your subscription will apply on the new platform as well.

If I’m wrong someone please correct me 🙂

Rather you guys have an iPhone or not, that’s not what they’re asking.

Idk what’s going on in this topic but the child play needs to chill. Thx! 🙂


I want to ask on what should I know when switching to iOS.

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It really depends on the device as different settings work for each type of phone.