Considering Live+

I’m currently considering wether buying Live+. I know it’s great value for money but I’m still not sure wether it’s worth it. And there’s a 75% my mum won’t let me spend that amount of money on a game. Another question is, should I wait for global to come out or buy it now?

That is your decision, we can’t choose for you.
Tho I would still buy Live+


Yes. Will be one of your best purchases.


Buy it now, there is really no reason not to. FDS are aiming for a smooth transition so you shouldn’t have to pay more by already having Live+ instead you just pay a bit more for global, making it the same price for everyone who has it.


I say live plus is completley worth it, get it if you can afford to spend the money for it. One year with all aircraft even future aircraft like MD-11 and updated CRJ Family will be there for free for a year! About the global thing, we do not have a price model yet for the release. So i really cant help you with that :).


Same issue with my mum 😂

That’s why I just get live.

But try for LIVE+


Yeah, I feel you. Next time I’m at the store on my own or something I might buy a visa gift card and use it on the website…stealth is key 😂


Haha! Good idea, I will have to try

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If your parents don’t want you to buy something, you don’t. 50 dollar is a extreme value, even it’s for a year. You may consider buying it for global, which is a big update, if you promise you won’t pay anything more for a few months.

I buy Live (monthly) not because my parents don’t want to afford for Live+, but more for my education. If I have Live+, I won’t be able to play every day unless dayoffs or holidays as I still have school works, reviews, and exams every month. But again, it’s your decision. My suggestion is, if you can’t play Live everyday (or only in certain months), I would recommend to go for Monthly 😊


We don’t know price model so we don’t know whether the price is the same or not, whether you need to renew it. I’m pretty sure that people who have Live+ will not need to buy a new subscription for global immedietly cause it would cause uproar. So don’t worry about that when buying Live+. If your Mum says no, make a persuasive essay and make her accept you need Live+.

Live+ allows you to have all aircraft and regions along with the ability to fly online for a year. Who doesn’t want that…

I think that one of the key strengths of IF is Live.
My view: the more Live you can get, the better.

But…parents should have the last say.
They are the people that provide for you, not us.

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Considering your current situation, I would make sure my mum let me spend the money, and then decide if I want it. Because according to you, there is a 75% chance she won’t let you, so this topic would be completely irrelevant. After finding out, choose.

When I was a youngster I made deals with my mum promising to complete small tasks and projects that were outside of my regular scope of chore duties. Sometimes the big ticket items like getting a new dirt bike required negotiations to be had with pa. Moral of the story, when you want nice things and you don’t have the reserves or a credit line you have to get creative, work outside of your regular duties and be willing to take a chance.

Buy Live+ and I can 99.9999% assure you that the benefit pays off 1-year at a time.


The problem is… my xbox live ran out (£40 divided by me and y sister) Im locked out of my phone (£26) and live plus

my mum… she doesnt like me spending money

So these together could cost a lot of money, I recommend you saving some.

I can afford them all at the moment but with little money to spare

Same with my mum, she doesn’t want me to spend that much but when I ask my dad, he doesn’t mind xD

Then don’t buy it, live is pretty much the same thing, just not all planes.