Considering building a low cost Flight Sim

So I have recently bought a raspberry pi to run retro games on it, however I’m wondering if I ever could run IF on it…

Does anyone know how much space I would need on the RAM to run it smoothly?

Has anyone ever tried this and have succeeded?

Or am I wasting my time and money?


CPUs don’t use space, are you asking about RAM or Memory?


Well, you know what I mean, I want to know how much RAM IF takes up and if it’s even feasible on the PI

No. I don’t think it’s worth it on the PI. Probably can’t even run it

In the nicest possible way, if you are coming out with comments like:

and the fact that you don’t know that you’ll have no chance, because you need either android or ios to run the app, of which you can get neither on the Pi, I think even if you could run it on Linux, you’d lack the technical ability.


Even if you could run android on he PI 1 gb ofor ram is not going to cut it. Not even now when global comes out no way it will work

Trust me, I have the technical ability-

Typo’s occur with everyone and so do brain farts

Also I am sure I am able to run an android emulator on the Pi.

Im just worried about the ability to run Multiplayer.

I do not think it works on an emulator.

1 gb of ram WILL NOT run IF . …

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There is a Pi Android OS available- so theoretically it could work. Problems I can see:

  1. Control?
  2. The Pi has a reasonable CPU, and GPU, but compared to phones I’d be surprised if you could get a playable framerate.
  3. I’m almost certain you will run into errors from device compatibility, and it is likely not to work at all.

But, if you have a Pi already as you said, why not get android going and have a go?

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Regarding controls im going to try and hook up the keyboard and my mouse (primitive controls) to have it work.

Pretty sure that isn’t supported in app (@Cameron?)- you need a joystick.

I saw settings in the If app that allows a user to set certain keys and motions for controls, let me find an image.

  • also to put things in perspective I used to run IF on an ipad 2- specs is 512mb ram on the ipad.

I believe on low settings id be able to run IF



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Just checked and you can assign those axis to mouse.

Anyway the bottom line here is try it. Do you have a Pi 2 or 3? Google has an official droid build for the 3. The CPU in the Pi and phones are also quite simular also.

iOS is requires less RAM and CPU than Droid, because it the OS is much more optimised.

I have the Pi 3-

I guess that makes sense why iPad can take more.

1 GB of RAM WILL run IF on Live. All background apps must be closed but it’s feasible. The IPhone 5s has only 1 GB of RAM and I can still run the latest version of IF.


Once I get everything up and running I will share pictures and videos.

I will keep you guys posted

Can even run it smoothly most of the time, even on highest settings!