Consideration of making a fan-made trailer for IF

So I have been considering this choice for a while now, should I make a little fan-made trailer for IF? Vote below on that song I should choose!

What song should I use?
  • Tokyo
  • Sunday Best
  • Other (Comment below)

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Sounds like a good idea, I wish you luck!

Let’s see it!!!

I’m not gonna vote in the poll for the song, that should be your choice.

Whatever you do, don’t rush it. Make sure the song and the video work with each other. (for example, in my trailers the clip transition synchronizes with the beat itself)

Use this song. you’re going to need permission though.

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You should this song:
Ghost 2WeI remix from Marvin brooks

In considering it

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Hmm good idea

Ok so, what type of music that your interested in?

I’d say use some instrumental Postey Maloney

Use the oh word oh word SFO song. @texasaviation & @shadow2 can back me! :)

I unfortunately am not able to back you on that one.

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