Consider your options before creating a VA

Guys and Gals,

There are so many Virtual Airlines out there and obviously not all the real airlines have a VA on IF. This may push some of you to create one for that particular airlines. But I want you guys to please really consider the hard work, time and dedication that it takes to run a Virtual Airline. Before you create one take the time to ask those that have airlines established how much effort they put in, how tedious it is as well because as a VA enthusiast on here, I dont want to see these VAs die out. So…once again… please…


Whether you want to create your own or base your VA off a real airline, you can get multiple perspectives from the owners of these airlines on their course of action.


I had to do a lot of this ;)

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And Great post!


thank you, I will change it.

great post @Alan_Perez . even before I joined an VA as a pilot I researched a lot of VAs, both PC based ones as well as IF based ones in order to find out the best qualities in a VA and what I wanted to achieve at the end of the day. Am now fortunate to be a member/pilot of Qantas as well as involved in running things in the background. We have a large team but it is still a lot of work to keep things running smoothly for our members to enjoy !

What about TravelSky? We’ve been around for some time too! 😢

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its just examples not meant as a way to recruit, but I will put you on there

If anyone wants or needs help with creating their VA, don’t hesitate to drop me a PM.

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This isn’t a Virtual Airline database ;)

didn’t you start last Summer…? so less than a year of operation?

not that’s a bad thing as I think Travelsky is a very good new starter and a great example of how to do it right!

@Alan_Perez The International Cargo Group as well.

TravelSky actually became active in October, when I joined (first to join). But, @grxninesix flew around with the callsign “TravelSky Airlines” back when live was added.

TravelSky VA was born in September 2014. That’s all you’ve to know.

With the callsign “Travelsky”

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Oi! Skyliner Air is large.

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What have I started?

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okay, everyone please stop. I was giving an example of airlines that can be contacted who have been established for quite some time. I am not listing everyone on here that has been around for that long. It is just an example. This is not a recruiting tool.


I added TravelSky not because they have been around for quite some time but because it gives an example of a VA that is not based on a real airline and can provide a different perspective.

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TravelSky Airlines started operations in November 2014, this make the VA one (if isn’t the One) of the first original virtual airlines created for flying in Infinite Flight Live.

Please consider TravelSky like a good virtual airline, for respect for me and specially @BavariaAVIATION & @The_simulation_nerd

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And also I’d like to stress that there are so many VAs out there and not enough people to fill in those slots so be aware that you probably won’t get many members.

It seems many VAs are the exact same, or nearly identical airline but under different names… Creativity might be worth trying


You are correct in some ways. The thing people need to understand is that pilots don’t always stick to one VA. They may join Qantas Virtual and be apart American Virtual as well.

It you are right in the sense for players, maybe you should join one.