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I have a question.
So, I’ve recently flew Auckland to Doha. I departed with 100% of fuel on board at 20:13, and I woke up at 5:17 AM. I checked my fuel percentage, and it said It’s at 27% and it said I don’t have enough fuel for the flight. I actually had to DITCH (you heard me right) and actually add fuel. (Since IF “water” doesn’t even count as water, it’s literally ground).

How do I conserve fuel on these long flights? How is it possible that I lost so much fuel?
I should have had at least 50% of fuel by that time. How did I lose so much?

I was cruising at FL370 at M0.87.

Any tips so that I conserve my fuel for the flight? Please answer below.

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Everyone is having troubles with long hauls this weekend :).

But I do have a suggestion- that is step climb. Start at FL310 then 2 hours in go FL330 then FL350 then cruise for last hour @FL390

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Lol, i never know what step climbs are. I thought it was like going to FL150 and then 1 minute later go to FL250 and then a minute later to FL370 lol

A little longer than 1 minute :).

Perhaps a thicc bit longer than a minute. XD

The fact that you were around M0. 87 at FL380 don’t helped. If you can’t stepclimb, do around 500 vs. Remember, the more fast you’ll go, the most thrust you use. :)

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i was at fl370, not fl380.

If you use it will produce a flight plan for you with the correct leadings and importantly the correct speeds and when to step climb. I use this for all my flights and have never had an issue with running out of fuel.

If you combine with IF Assistant then you can program in the step climbs and wake up in time for that perfect landing.

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Yes I used that but I don’t know how to understand the climb profiles etc

What was your load in %?
M 0.87 seems very high.

Too heavy, too high, too fast.

I bet your N1 was around 100% and then your fuel flow is at max.

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I had 299 passengers, 0 cargo, full fuel. Also, I calculated that M0.87 was the real flight’s cruise speed.

What aircraft is this?

Were there strong headwinds?

It’s a B777-200LR.

Not sure. 95% of the flight I was sleeping.

I have roughly calculated that flight now.

Load of aircraft wih info you provided: 91% (Heavy)

Speed M 0.84
Step climb: first step to FL300, then FL320… FL380

You need to burn off fuel (Weight) before you end up at FL370/FL380

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I just created your route on simbrief and fpltoif.
It says the cruising airspeed should be M 0.84.
Also there are several stepclimbs from FL300-320-340-360-380-400.
It calculated that you need only 94% fuel for that route at the speed of M 0.84.
Here’s the link for the generated flightplan:
So I think you were too fast, had headwind or were too high at the beginning of the flight.

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I didn’t use the FPL TO IF speed as I assumed that the real flight’s cruising speed would get me through the flight.

I basically took the speed in mph and converted it into knots
Converted the knots in TAS to CAS and I got 292 CAS. So I converted 292 CAS to Mach and it gave 0.87 or 0.88.

Where did you find the speed? Did you use GS - Ground speed