consequences of not complying with notams

hi, I just want to know what will happen if a pilot disobey notams e.g: flying above 10000 feet above while inside the red circle on the map?

If you tap on the red circle on the map, then tap the TFR/NOTAM name in the list that pops up, you can read what is being enforced.

If it is red that means it’s active so when it is and you will be flying through it (i.e. within the floor to ceiling range), then ensure that you fully comply with the TFR/NOTAM.


I think @Project_Sunr1se is asking what happens if you fly into it.

I’ve wondered the same thing, but I believe nothing actually happens except you can be ghosted if a controller witnesses it.

Or a supervisor, moderator, staff & developer.


Better rock your wings…


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