Consequences for inappropriate display names & callsigns

Ok thanks so much for the clarification, I will get back on topic. I really hate seeing this because it is counterproductive in creating a realistic and fun environment. If you could find me a certified ATP pilot with a twin-engine rating named “Hilary Clinton” then it would be fine, but I am 99 percent sure that you couldn’t.

Unfortunately you get callsigns like this all the time… nothing can be done

There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s not reportable.

Since we’re on this topic, I might as well just add this:

To be honest, I haven’t ever seen an inappropriate callsign in Live on all 3 servers both as pilot and ATC

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I got one yesterday. That was my first one. I gave him a please change your callsign and he ended his flight as quick as lightning. Other than that, I’ve never really seen much inappropriate callsign or display names around

People doing that all the time so rip

I have seen on on TS when i was practicing to become IFATC… I posted it… Misha took care of it!

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So Narendra Modi is considered inappropriate callsign right

I honestly genuinely don’t know why this should be considered in anyway inappropriate
And I’m no fan of Trump or Clinton
So someone edumacate me please

Oh come on…

Im jk jk hahaha

That’s a joke, right? Can’t see how any reasonable person would find that inappropriate. You instantly report report a racist or profane callsign. No warning, no questions asked.

A callsign like ZZZZZZZZ, you warn and ghost if they don’t change.

The rest you just leave alone.


Yeah I just wanted to clarify man, I know it is clearly appropriate.

You frankly shouldn’t need clarification. If you do, your aren’t ready for IFATC. This is a pointless topic. You know a reportable callsign when you see one.

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I’d beg to differ, I would warn you and ghost you on expert if you didn’t change it. Never had one of those overturned.

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On expert it could very well be considered trolling not so much inappropriate

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I always see people doing this kind of thing and I always wondered what actually happens to them.

Once again,

Hey there. Sorry about this. We have some stuff in the works that will help wipe out these issues totally. Thanks!

~ Misha

See here:

IFATC does report users for inappropriate callsigns. We warn and then will report for repetitive callsigns such as ZZZZZZZZ.