Consequences for inappropriate display names & callsigns

Nothing. Like mentioned above, you can message the moderation team, and they may be punished. Sometimes mods hang out at training server anyway, to watch for stuff like this, as well as trolls.

I had one guy change his name I HATE ATC after I denied his A380 into London City on TS and he still got punished after I wrote to schyllberg

As @TheAviationGallery link Misha had this to say about the subject

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And what action can the mods take against these people? I’m not sure they can suspend their accounts as they’re paying for IF. It’s illegal to not give something to a customer for which they are paying for.

No, because they violated the terms of service. Technically the mods could take away all of our subscriptions without reason if they wanted to.

It might be on here

I am training to be IFATC, what level violation should I give to people with these callsigns?

It’s a Level 3 violation.

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IFATC don’t decide the level of the violation, they select the reason of the violation and the system automatically set the level. However it’s a Level 3 violation.

When u select to report user, there will be an option, “inapporpriate callsign” i think

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Again, that’s for IFC, not IF.

With deep scratches at a level 6


Ok but if someone just has a callsign that isn’t realistic for example LasVegas, its fine right.

Oh yeah absoloutely thats fine… it just cant be inappropriate

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Some callsign is called Donald Trump lol

Ok thanks so much for the clarification, I will get back on topic. I really hate seeing this because it is counterproductive in creating a realistic and fun environment. If you could find me a certified ATP pilot with a twin-engine rating named “Hilary Clinton” then it would be fine, but I am 99 percent sure that you couldn’t.

Unfortunately you get callsigns like this all the time… nothing can be done

There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s not reportable.

Since we’re on this topic, I might as well just add this:

To be honest, I haven’t ever seen an inappropriate callsign in Live on all 3 servers both as pilot and ATC

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I got one yesterday. That was my first one. I gave him a please change your callsign and he ended his flight as quick as lightning. Other than that, I’ve never really seen much inappropriate callsign or display names around