Consequences for inappropriate display names & callsigns

I keep seeing rude and inappropriate callsigns & display names and I’m wondering if action is ever taken against these people. It just gets really annoying and it kills the fun of IF.

From what I’ve heard IF has something in the works for this problem but they have not said anything more about the subject.

As an IFATC member, we also give a level three violation for such abuse.

Hello @Philippe_Gilbert,
When people with inappropriate callsigns fly on Expert Server, IFATC can report them (giving a prior warning). In Training, you can contact @moderators to see what can be done.

While we’re on the topic, what are the rules about political callsigns? I’ve seen ones about Trump, Biden, and even hateful ones towards certain groups of people. What happens to people who do things like this?

TRUMP ones have been there since 2016

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Although this can be corrected on the community due to Misha’s recent changes to rules against politics, the game itself has no such rules for politics. If it truly is hateful, the IFATC member will use their best judgement, like we do when always issuing a violation.

Not everything the callsign screen says is not cool is illegal in IF, however if you would encounter something which you think shouldn’t be allowed, you can report it to @ moderators. Please note that IFC and IF rules might be slightly different outside of the hate and profanity

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But if they are not flying in controlled airspace then these people can’t be reported. What happens to them?

That’s for IFC, not IF

IFATC is not always active, I’m asking moreso when someone is flying in a region like California but if IFATC was featured in India.

@nicopizarro I’ve read that, however, it does not mention stuff about the actual app itself.

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Nothing. Like mentioned above, you can message the moderation team, and they may be punished. Sometimes mods hang out at training server anyway, to watch for stuff like this, as well as trolls.

I had one guy change his name I HATE ATC after I denied his A380 into London City on TS and he still got punished after I wrote to schyllberg

As @TheAviationGallery link Misha had this to say about the subject

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And what action can the mods take against these people? I’m not sure they can suspend their accounts as they’re paying for IF. It’s illegal to not give something to a customer for which they are paying for.

No, because they violated the terms of service. Technically the mods could take away all of our subscriptions without reason if they wanted to.

It might be on here

I am training to be IFATC, what level violation should I give to people with these callsigns?

It’s a Level 3 violation.

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